Monday, February 6, 2012

i promise ( and if you flash your heart, i won't deny it)

Good Semi-late Evening! 

It's a Monday night and I have decided to blog, woot! I know such a HUGE accomplishment for me and this blog, ha! Anyways.. this blog post is a little more of a personal one. It got me thinking from another blog post I read. I thought it would be cool to have this entry on here - a letter to myself, my twenty-four year old self. Why? Who knows, really.. ha! I understand those are usually personal and you keep them sealed in an envelope and open it a year later to read but I thought a post would be interesting. I know it's putting my thoughts all out there and perhaps it's a little too much but I just feel like it makes sense for me to do a interesting post like this on here. enjoy the rambling thoughts that surround my mind, about 10% of the thoughts. =) The other 90% are ready to explode on out here too but patience my friends, patience. =)

Taken by the lovely, talented and beautiful Meg Courtney of Meg Courtney Photography 

Dear Twenty-Four year old daisy blossom sweet pumpkin pie!

You are reading this letter with an astounding accomplishment of goals that came into fruition because of your ambitious desire. 

At the time of you writing this you were just a couple months shy of twenty-three until 3 more months. I understand your struggle that your heart was being tugged at all the time of having written this but I see you graciously have made it through. 

You are now with the most unimaginable desires imaginable because you allowed a miracle to sweep through. 

You're more than likely with the most incredible man that you could have asked for in your life! He's the one person you desired for all of time, your soul-mate, the other half of you that completes you truly -- ultimately the best kind of awesome goodness that's possible. He teaches you the most beautiful things of life and loves you like no tomorrow. 

The most amazing part of it all is he accepts you for you, just like your amazing 4 core friends do. All those life time worries that swirled up your mind, like for example: not knowing if you'd fit in, to his family liking you or not knowing if his friends will like you etc. are of the past. 

He has a heart like no other! So full of honesty, truth, love, care, success, loyalty, ambition, confidence, intelligence, independence, patience, respect, communication (direct), empathy, fun, happiness, passion and full of LAUGHTER (by the way the best part that gives you that glowing grin) - ha, don't worry I'm not trying to make you blush red as a bush of roses just throwing the truth out there! ;) You HAPPPY GIRL and I am HAPPY for YOU! Truly happy! 

Oh, I am not done with this lovely man of yours just wait, so don't be trying to run your mind, hoping I am going to change the topic that quick, ha! 

He definitely listens like no tomorrow to every little tiny detail to understand the person you are. He has an remarkable personality like nobody's cupcake business and you adore him to sweet simple love pieces! The most admiral fact that completes you the most is the unbelievable faith and belief in you along with each other. The best part of you two is the ability of allowing each other to grow of yourself, to evolve into your fullest potential. 

The complete whipping to the pie is the family-oriented way you've become as a combined couple; the sparkle and energy that out shines into people like white chocolate mousse cake on a sunny afternoon. This is your soul-mate, this is one of your utmost beloved desires that came to you into fruition and you both keep working hard everyday to love the happiness that strings along high. This my pretty lady is the one everybody else knew before you did the one they called "the lucky one!" Everybody knew it without a doubt in their minds but you my dear were never 100% sure it was possible like everybody else until later down the road when you were twenty-three. 

Well enough about the sparkle that shines in your eyes and onto your amazing core 4 friends! (Okay, so no names were going to be mentioned but that's not fair at all, so may I present with special honour in no particular order, cristina, joyce, samby and amanda) Yes, they are apart of this beautiful letter and how could they not be! They are fricken super gorgeous stars that are part of your heart along with lovely, beautiful, and unique friends that remain to continuously grow. They are the best part of you, still with joy, love and excitement! These four accept you still as you are as an individual and as you evolve into a completely amazing beautiful person that you already are! In particular they inspire you, believe in you, trust you and are completely loyal to you like the a in heart. You get them and they get you and you wouldn't have it any other way! Oh and yes, they looove your incredibly awesome beau.. don't you worry! ;) ha!

Moving along here with this letter, which wow have you noticed that your letters are always so long? Look at this.. I see the ones to others but wow to yourself, incredible my friend. - I think we have a hands down sweet writer inside yourself and don't even deny it, because I know your friends have mentioned it to you before. Continue to keep writing because you are good at it and don't think that you're not because I know sometimes when you're writing to yourself you may think it sounds stupid unlike writing for someone. Keep shining those wonderful thoughts down! p.s - I heard sometimes your writing brings tears (good tears), actually most of the times.. you're doing something great, so keep it up! 

Oh boy, we are here already the final destination it seems like in this letter but we all know it isn't! The goals and ambitions that you've had, continue to make, have and let grow continuously have come into their own. Your mind is in wow'zer town, ha! Your mind is still trying to put a handle on the beautiful miracles that is called life that you have allowed to happen for you. 

Your desired struggle dream of fashion has developed into big things - things you never completely imagined beyond your eyes. It's all because of your spiritual belief in something more than your self. A beautiful young woman such as yourself is so full of love, care, intelligence, truth, honesty, loyalty, success, beauty and value but of course there is so much more amazing as well as wonderful aspects about you but these are just a few to mention in a nutshell. 

Yes, I have to mention this other amazing friendship that you have which continually grows and continually supports you like no fricken apple cinnamon pie tomorrow! I think that is a great opening liner, don't you? Ha! Yes, your wonderful smart to the t cousin who is a complete genius in your eyes. He definitely is your number one support - shhh! don't tell laa boyfriend, ha! He may get jealous that it's not him but that's between you and I but you know he's up there too. :p His personality is still unbelievably understanding, helpful and is still on your list of admiral people that you value their opinion of. He's someone you cherish gratefully, have a trust stronger than the year before and a exceptional friendship that you always wished you had but definitely have. He's the most amazing person, cousin and brother like as if you were he's actual little sister. 

By now your blog has grown and so have you as a creative person. The amazing potential inside of you has sprung into your unseen beauty that was always held within you. It's something you never really fully were capable of seeing and I am happy for you that you are able to see it whole as a puzzle and not as a piece. 

You continue to keep family oriented and in touch with the members of your great life. Your beautiful cousins and family that believe in your desires continue to believe and are happy for all the success you are growing into. They keep you grounded along with so do the little simple sweet things like fun.

The joy of fun, fun, fun is also a great part of you! The fun travel expeditions that you take make you grow also. They give you the lovely beautiful down to earth free spirited creatively talented person that you are! You put a smile not on your own face but also those around you as well as in your presence. Your energy is on fire and not even water can burn that fire out, haha!

Your longest of time ambition of a goal since you were literally in elementary was that of to know a second language. Yes, this has always been on your desire of things to have and accomplish. Boy, have you actual kept your word to learning this, sounds like serious business! How could it not be there; I see a very common trend since you were little so this language may as well be your second one! It definitely has given you a wonderful, new, continuous challenge in a way to better educate yourself further. I am sure two of your amazing friends are glad you are serious about this and want to learn.. that is if you have told them or anybody.. hmm! I know you and I really hope they know! :p If they don't heello open that window of your so called mouth and tell them noow!! haha.

I know this is getting to be a very long letter huh, well I definitely know you won't be disappointed since I know you love long letters and such. However your immeasurable interest to read and journal is what develops your growth more and more. The beautiful part of your journalling  is your desire to share with your better half. May I add your blog also is very therapeutic if you ask me at times, no? Your willingness to express but also the same amount of wanting to hear to understand is what puts a smile on your face that in some way you have touched someone deep down inside. Also the understanding of your better cookie swirl pieces half makes you understand more and more. More as he grows as a person and more of a person that he was before he met you. He appreciates you like blueberry and peaches and cares about you like a dairy queen hot fudge sundae.. mmmm, drooool, haha! (Speaking of that, I think I could really go for that now, ask laa boyfriend to take thee. I think so!)

Geehz, girl are you a writer or what I am still reading this and just when I am thinking it's about to end I am still reading more wonderfulness! Thanks, I guess, yep. ;) Really this topic ended up down here, this far from everything else! Well, well school, school how do you adore thee - shiny white pearl smilee! I see your desire to get into school has come into full force and is something that is allowing you incredible knowledge. It is the ticket to what you felt you lacked before. It has opened even more doors to understanding what you knew you needed more of to fully be on page. 

Your not really new found glory but definitely keeping it in rotation in your life.. called exercise which then compliments your health aspect is growing nicely into your life. You really are doing a maginficently incredibly great job since it kind of is helping with holding all the important parts of your life together beautifully. 

This thing called learning to play the guitar is an actual new found glory, yep! I remember when you were so intrigued about a guitar and you got one but knew nothing of how to play. I see you've finally taken the step to learn! You go girl! I know you had those vocal pipes issued some voice lessons in the past and I know music is your second love along with fashion tied in there. Whether you think your vocals are that great or not, it's about accomplishing and having the ability to wanting to learn that strikes a chord inside you. 

I think we are almost at a wrap up here with this letter, don't you worry! I won't keep you away anymore from your precious time, sweet love or maybe even lazy day. Whatever it is that you are doing I am sure to not keep you any longer. 

You are so grateful of your life and give back so freeing-ly that the love inside you illuminates. It's your energy that continues to make you noticed. Your presence is so vibrate and all the beautiful things that have come to you has come into marvelous, glorious fruition for you and I am ecstatic-ly happy for you. 

I think the best of all things to happen for you in one of your friendships or perhaps friendship(s) is the fact of all the fun, exciting get together double dates! Yes, I went there and don't be thinking I forgot about this at all because I know the thoughts of your past. In particular there's one that stands out the most (about having lots of fun hanging out and how cuteee you two will be) Ah, umm.. hello, you over there if you haven't seen we are pretty cute.. so cute more than that pretty darn cute may I might add! ;) Yeah Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum called and they want their cuteness back from ya! :p I know you never pictured in a hundred years, or never once imagined this fully but I know it excites you, you love it and it just feels like the sea rushing in over top of you. 

I know even more you are particularly definitely thankful for getting back in touch and being friends. You have undeniable similarities and are continuously grateful and because of this so many great things have happened already. =)

Well my dear daisy blossom twenty-four year old sweet pumpkin pie, the heart of this letter is at it's end. I am glad to see you have survived this incredible year and almost all of this age. You are moving into greater things, greater than you're fully aware shown inside your ambitious goals. There's more beauty, love, truth, honesty, friendships, fun, family and life to enjoy coming. So until your next letter if there is one (we shall see because 25 is a BIG DEAL! BIG DEAL, so I've heard!) - I love you and you're an amazing talented, creative, success full of treasured love. 

sweeet, sweeet love.

Signed, Joe

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