Friday, February 17, 2012

Oh la la, wink!

Good Good Jelly-Bean Evening Lovelies!

So today I was at work, well technically I saw a friend/co-worker post about how she needed a model for her to do makeup on. I didn't respond because I was just bypassing really in hypothetical speech. I was going to be like I would but I was like, okay on to the next thing. We so happened to have been working together today and she asked me what I was doing after work and I wasn't doing anything 'important' (but sit here right now and eat jelly beans which by the way the mango ones are so fricken delicious I can't stop eating those ones.) besides the point.. everything I had on my list of to do's has been completed this week surprisingly, so I was like yeah sure I'll be your model for you. At first I was kind of nervous a bit for maybe 5minutes but after that it was smooth sailing. I am glad I went to go be a model for her to practice her make-up on. Wow, at first I was like it feels so light but secondly I was sort of unsure because one I don't wear make-up to work ever, ever. Secondly it just had to grow on me since I am not into foundation and stuff but after looking at it a couple of times I was like WOW!  I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED how she did my eyes, amazing! I must get her to teach me, seriously! She asked how I wanted my eyes and of course I immediately fell in love with natalie portman's eyes on the new ad for DIor and she did it like that, ahh-gorgeous-in-love bring on the hot date, wink! lol. But seriously, definitely a good time to have gone out, but it just felt great to see something different. I am really appreciative and grateful for her taking the time to do a lovely job. I am honestly blessed with amazing people and amazing opportunities. All the make-up she used to do my look was by Dior makeup as for the specifics of which colors, etc that I do not have written down. I never asked because I don't think I would purchase those products myself but quite possibly the eyeshadow color quad. Maybe even the mositurer it seemed really good. I also picked up some tips well she was doing the make-up on me and her person was watching her do the look. It was a great way to spend an evening. If there is any questions on what was used I definitely could ask and get that information back. For sure the foundation on me was 21 I believe, I don't remember if they have letters in front of the numbers but it was 21 that I know for sure. Anyways, this is a chatter-y post I feel and seems like supeeer faaaast talking as if I was talking about this in person. I hope you all have a great night and the pictures I will try to post up of the look she did on me if I can. But I don't know since my computer isn't going so smoothly, if not I will use another computer to post it up. 

Have a lovely friday night.
p.s. - look out for another post tomorrow I have lots of things I want to mention about, so be on the look out for that with perhaps a lot of writing. Hopefully, not to much.. if you've stuck out this long.. you're a true trooper my friend, true trooper and thanks love ya. 

Signed, Joe

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