Friday, February 24, 2012

Ooh, I don't love you but I always will

Hello Lovelies!

Yaaay! I am back blogging finally. I know I haven't followed through with posts particularly well this month but that's not my fault. It was my lovely computer of 5 years that decided to stop working. So I had to wait to get a new computer to use and it came to me today, woot woot!! I am back into blogging mode, it actually sucked when I didn't have a computer because I had so many things I wanted to post about but couldn't. I guess I can get onto some interesting things now and catch up on everything that I wanted to mention or conversations. 

1. My second last post I believe that I wrote about my co-worker/friend doing my make-up well those pictures will be finaallly posted after this entry today. So they will definitely be up by the end of this day, so check back on that by clicking on the following link here -> Oh la la, wink! 

2. I love my very close friends so so much, because there is always interesting conversations that come about. I love exciting conversations, especially the ones where you allow yourself to day-dream about the future. 

3. Currently at the moment these two songs are definitely on repeat [Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars (it's an older song I believe) & Good Girl by Carrie Underwood] I heard the first song from an episode of The Vampire Diaries which by the way is one of my favorite shows. Oh and they are on that new song with Taylor Swift called Safe & Sound in case you're not sure who I am talking about. 

4. My week has been very unproductive I feel even though I did do the things I have needed to complete off my to do list. I guess free time is good but you know those times when you want to do something other than have all this free time so that you're busy but then when you're busy you want the free time. It's really a win-lose situation if you ask me. It's good, however to be thankful for the time off to relax because this coming week is busy busy busy, with so much too do. 

5. I have a lot of new things to post up about clothes wise since I went to forever21 last week and found a few little things to add into my wardrobe and are cute little pieces for spring/summer on cooler or milder days that don't consist of hot hot summer heat. 

6. I was planning on getting my haircut for the longest of times, actually I was suppose to have gone back in January the beginning and never got around to it. When I called to see when my hair stylist was available next I couldn't go because I had work as according to my schedule until I got called later that night I didn't have to go in. Besides the point, now have to wait until the lovely second-ish week of March since she is fully booked.  

7. The current book that I am reading is ' The Teaching of Little Crow'. The first chapter was very slow going for me but then after I got into it from the second chapter I wanted to read more however, it was late and I had work. I have not read much from it this week. I think tonight that will be something I will do to pass some time. 

8. So there is a new cereal called Cinnamon Pops that I saw when I went to Walmart the other day with my mom. I was like I want to try these!! But I was like in my head what if they aren't good..? anyways, by far not the case they are delicious, hopefully not an limited edition thing. I wish I would have bought another box because there was only 4 left on the shelve and to me at the time seem like a good sign. Yet in my mind maybe not because it's new and people like to try new things right?! :p And yes, I am and always have been avid cereal eater a nights even though it's breakfast cereal or I've had it for breakfast already. Some times it's just too good not to have a second time in one day! ha. 

9.  Some other music that I have been listening to lately this past two weeks and even before just the one song is 'The Fray'. I know it's not very common for people to get Cd's anymore but I went to purchase there's even though I have an ipod. Of course my ipod is more of a practical use then an album, however it's great for at home. 

10. haha.. I love how people know it's me when I have called for them and I haven't even said my name, then I giggle and it makes them laugh! Joyous, joyous love. 

11. 11:11pm has been a regular these past two days for whatever reason I cannot explain but very interesting.

12. Talking about vacationing in the future with laa future boyfriend to somewhere like California, Las Vegas or New York which would be so amazingly fun but I think even even more awesome would be Australia and London!! Woot, don't you just love dreaming up a storm! For me it sounds so now but it's so very future, so very future that my response was [ahhh why doesn't this person come fasteer, so it can be fun fun fun! =)] Like this beautiful quote there is good reason [When God knows you're ready for the responsibility of commitment He'll reveal the right person under the right circumstances Wait patiently DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME SEARCHING AND WISHING Grow and be ready you'll see God will give you a love story far better than you could ever dream of]

13. I LOVE couples, in particularly the ones I know because they are so cute and awww.. I want to experience I radiance like there's. It screams in your face glowing, beautiful love the kind that you notice of very few couples but their energy just floats above air and sends the whole room spinning with heads. 

14. I love beautiful comments that people tell me about myself or think of me because before I would brush them off into the wind but I have learnt to accept them and be thankfully for them. There is some pretty amazing things people like about you if you allow yourself to listen and take them in. 

15. Another thing I loved from this week having talked about is kids. Yes, I want them, always have since forever as long as I can remember. As of right now want kids at this very moment no, but definitely in my future. Just thinking about play dates and amazing fun things like that. I never really actually thought about specifically that aspect ever. It's really an amazing thing when you don't just let your thoughts compile to yourself but you have conversations about stuff and this is one thing I truly think is exciting. 

16. My most number one attribute that I love in a person is there honesty as well as truth and of course laughter. I love those because I like when I am told the truth and it's not sugar coated. It's the real deal. I like it because it seems rare to find these days but also because lying and sugar coating things is not my cup of tea because at the end the truth always, always comes out. It's just a matter of time. 

17. My last comment for the night is 41 more days until the lucky twenty-four hits upon me. 

This is finally the end of this I was only expecting a short amount but all these things came flooding to me. Since having written this I feel like this should a be an every friday night post - about whatever from the week. I think I am going to make this happen! Since March is starting up my posts will be 3 times a week now. So for sure be on the look out for that with no computer dilemmas.  So I think that calls for a regular post name for fridays for posts like theses.. 

Have a lovely friday evening! 

Signed, Joe

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