Friday, March 2, 2012

Girl Run that Show

Hello Hello!!

So it's Friday night here! This week is actually a split month kind of deal. It was part February and now it's March and so I am just going to go onto my goal of 3 posts a week, sound good?! I know last Friday I had just mentioned random things from the week and I thought I should do this every Friday. So here I am Friday, so let's go!! First things first I needed a name for this lovely thing, so every time it's obvious what it is about. And I was thinking and thinking which concluded to this post name for Friday's week random thoughts and will always be this name, sound like an idea!

I am just going to get into my week of thoughts here...

1. This week has been super stressful, yep! I had so much to take care of let alone my own self. I managed and have survived. I can't wait for this week coming up when I don't have to be stressed or focus on all these other things. It's actually a lot of work managing to get to work, get ready two kids and making sure meals, homework, and showers are done. I honestly, applaud those who are mothers because wow, talk about a lot of work. Definitely all the moms who are single, because you are incredibly strong. I know I want kids but maybe it seems like a lot of work because they're not my own kids but still. You have to find ways that work and what doesn't as well as how to manage yourself plus time. Honestly without those key essential things, I have no idea how anything would come together.

2. It's becoming more and more in my face aware to me that I have amazing, beautiful, incredible people in my life. I to death! They're always there to listen and try to help me out even if they can't really but they listen. I am absolutely one hundred percent grateful for all the listening ears that I have surrounded in my life/little circle of closeness. They always give me some perspective to open my eyes that I maybe like yeah okay, sure but don't want to ask or bother them with. They understand and it's not what I think in my head. I love how clarity comes about after a few days or weeks of something I am trying to figure out, it just hits you point blank in your face! haha, BOOM! It's great!

3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE conversations! It's my favorite thing to do along with listening also. I love going out to a coffee shop or a restaurant and just having conversation for hours and hours. The great part is not worrying about the time until you just get up and are like whoa, it's that time already! Wow, we've been talking for 6 hours, love those moments. Even though it's been that long it honestly is never enough time, I swear. I need MORE! I swear there is always things you forget to mention and you remember when you get home or on your way home and are like oh wait I didn't mention this. By the next time it's most likely old news, history or forgotten about. I LOVE CONVERSATION! Anything and everything because it's fun and makes you think, learn about the person more or let's your brain provoke some things that never really came to you in a certain light.

4. I have a huge goal to get accomplished this month or else it wouldn't be until September and I really don't want to wait that long because it stresses me out because I feel like I haven't really done my full research and I need to finish it physically. 

5. This week hasn't felt like I very talkative week really with people. I feel it's just been more low-key and mellow when it comes to conversation. I think maybe there is so much on my mind and things to do and a lot happening lately, I am not just in that mood. You know.. everybody gets them every now and again. 

6. I learnt a new word because I have never heard it in the context I did ever and thought it was awesome, so the word is: Autonomous meaning existing or capable of existing independently. (There is other meanings related to this, however this was the exact relation of what is was used in context talking about independence. )

7. My songs that have been on a regular for this song conclude Rita Ora - Party & Bullsh-t! I LOVE this song! Katy Perry - Part of Me, Alexandra Burke - Elephant, Conor Maynard - Can't Say No, Jennifer Hudson & Ne-Yo - Think Like a Man and some others but those are my right now today listening jams at this moment. 

8. I have been neglecting my book (The teaching of little crow) that I started and I want to read something else now. I know bad, but I am so interested read this other book because it's a quick read. Tomorrow I shall get it on my break at work. I also can't wait to pick up The Magic by Rhonda who has written The Secret & The Power this week when it comes out.

9. Tomorrow I have a promise after work of a movie with my niece to see the new Dr. Seuss movie 'The Lorax' which I actually can't wait to see because it looks so cute and of course Taylor Swift and Zac Efron play the voices of the characters! 

10. I didn't post photos of the winter-y snow that fell because the next day it wasn't fresh anymore or don't snow, so it didn't look all pretty no more like the day before. I am such a bad not getting on top of it taking photos of lovely things like that. Next time, I shall get on it right when I see it or happens. 

11. Beyonce's baby Blue Ivy Carter is so gorgeous, like wow! I never really looked up the photos that have been circling online but I did last night and wow, what a beautiful baby! click here if you haven't seen the photos of her -> Blue Ivy Carter

12. I came across an interesting article someone read and posted about and I thought it was so cool! It was about how this women and her husband got pregnant and had twins but one is black, the other white. Very rare but I think so cool because you never hear of that and I just thought it was interesting. I know the story is older but I am just hearing it now, so if you have heard about it when it came about cool. If not you should read it and see the photos of their beautiful twins! Click here ->   A Million to One Black and White Twins

13. I need a coffee date or no actually a let's go eat kind of day very soon. I don't want it, I NEED it! I also need to do a 'let's just get up and go visit someone out of town' just because that's what I want to do! I need to make so many plans again here to see my beautiful friends face to face! I miss them in physical appearance, texting is a great tool for communication but seeing your friends in person is way more better. 

14. My most wanted place that I want to go is London, England and Sydney, Australia! I NEED to visit there, be there and take it all in. The beach, what a way to spend some good time, just chillin at the beach all day for a day or even at sunset or sunrise. Pure bliss, love, joy.. make me heart to pieces like sand grains. I can't stop thinking about these two beautiful places! I can't stop thinking about TRAVEL period actually! It's to die foooor, yep. 

15. I like having fun conversations where cool things come up such as, what nationality will your future kids be besides what you of course are and my added nationality that I thought would be cool is Hawaiian because that is so rare and very unique to me. I for sure definitely see more euro for some reason that is what I feel. I am already half Jamaican & half German/Norwegian, but I like my friends suggestion of some Russian or something. Very different but cool too! My other suggestion that is so exotic to me would be Egyptian because I never hear that, so that would be super cool as well. 

16. How I am so so forever grateful for my lovel friend and how we talk now because before when I stopped talking to her I never had anyone to talk about cool stuff. For example television shows, movies, go to certain movies, blogs, just our cool conversations. I love our conversations because there is so much variety of different topics all the time. It's just so expansive, it's great having someone to share it with again. I am grateful for listening to my own thoughts and not the opinions of others because I honestly wouldn't have this kind of relationship. Maybe one day in the near future but in a way kind of felt like not. So I am very very absolutely grateful and truly blessed for the beautiful person I have as an incredible friend! She's just so great and completely amazing. 

16. My last thing that I was in love love with this week was this post from i'mkristensphotoblog because it was incredibly amazing and I have never experienced something like that as real as that. I thought her post was amazing and so I am ending my list with this so click to read -> Oh My My My | Part 1  [i wish my dreams were that vivid and fully aware along with able to remember clearly like that. The knowledge of a name I find even more unreal, it astounds me at how that came about to her in a dream.]

This is the end of this weeks thoughts.. enjoy and have a beautiful weekend. 

Signed, Joe

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