Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Skin Care Update

Hi Gorgeous Lovelies!

I am so tired, so so so tired but I had gotten up to talk to my lovely cousin from NY and then supper was up. So as I am eating supper I have decided to type this post before I leave it and becomes not to my goal of 3 posts a week. I had an interesting discovery the other day from my sister because I was wondering why she has 2 different skin care lines using and she told me about the one I mentioned on my blog that she also has as well. Well to my surprise I am very disappointed not with the product not doing it's job but the way they market the product so you think you are getting what you are paying for. The bottles that you see probably look like a lot right? Definitely not the case at all with these products, open up the silver tab and out comes another container but so much smaller. I am very disappointed in the fact the product costs so much and probably most people think it's worth it because they don't realize how much they're really paying for the contents inside the bottle. I thought it should be worth mentioning this for all fellow people who use or having been wanting to use this product. Don't get me wrong it's a good system but not for the price for what you are actually paying for. 

After having this brought to my attention I have decided to go onto a new skin care routine which I had used in the past a long time ago and, I have used many skin care products but I remember when I used this product it really worked for me. I am going back to this product because there line is all natural and just great from when I used it in the past. However, I will see how that will plan out once I get into routine for it again and if it really does work for me now as in the past. My new skin care product is now Korres, White Tea facial cleanser. There is also a 3 in 1 which I thought was neat but the consistency is thicker but it's a cleanser/toner/make-up remover all in one which I thought was great. Great in the sense that usually you have to buy a toner, cleanser, moisturizer etc. I think that is perfect for someone who doesn't want to spend money on having a number of different products to use to cleanse the face. The white tea cleanser I got is just a cleanser and then you can get a toner separate which is pomegranate; I however opted not to get that at the moment. There also was a moisturizer that I was looking at getting as well but I am not too sure on that as the girl who helped me gave me a sample of it because I probably seemed unsure along with it costed $40. 

I thought my previous skin care line was misleading to customers and thought worth sharing for exisiting and future consumers. However, out of all the Eveline Charles skin care line, the one product that I would recommend that would be worth the expense is the nano silver bar because it's a bar and would last you a long time. Another then that I wouldn't repurchase the rest of the products with the very little product that is contained in the vicinity of the bottle. I will put up a direct post on how I like the Korres White Tea Cleanser and if I really think it is worth your wild to get it for yourself. 

I shall add the photos of everything tomorrow when I am more up to beat. Do be on the look out for another post tomorrow from me. I am not to sure on what exactly yet because I have a number of things that I want to mention. However, do be on the look out and have a lovely beautiful night! :D

Signed, Joe

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