Friday, March 30, 2012

Girl Run that Show

Good Late Night-Friday, almost Saturday Morning! 

Boy was I glad for today to be Friday, you have no idea! This week was semi-better than last week but still stressful. However out of all the stressful, less than normal self I happened to come across some grateful moments that made me smile just for a few minutes within this week. 

I know I have not been up to par with my posts this week or last and for that I am sorry; I've just been sick, stressed out and things of that nature. So if you've been baring with me thanks, along with sorry for no  posts lately. booo me! I am just going to get started on this post before it turns midnight. :p

1. My favorite by far moment from this week was meeting up for coffee with a really good friend! Yep, it definitely had some laughter moments which I swear was the only time I had laugh for almost some days now. All I know is I really needed that and I am glad I went to meet up because I felt calmer after.

2. Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks, Second Cup and McDonalds this week for hot chocolate or frappuccinos, plus food.. what a week! I never make a habit of getting these things that often but I guess this week it was an exception because I needed it! 

3. Losing my mind this past week has been me, getting ahead of myself and already thinking it's Easter weekend which would mean it's my birthday and it's not even here yet. You know you're too stressed out when! 

4. Do some research tonight on nails because we have been having an interesting topic about mirror nails at work today. So that was part of my Friday night spent, okay maybe an hour of my night researching about it. Very interesting!

5. Pinterest, always sucks me back in whenever I am about to leave then I find more cool stuff! Geeehz, Stop making me find cool, interesting things already!!! I love pinterest and if you don't have it you should get it! 

6. Yaaay, tomorrow is my day off which I felt like I haven't had one of those in ages, but actually I did Thursday. 

7. Thursday was an OhEmGee day for finally being lazy at doing nothing other than sleep, music, reading and sleep pretty much took up my whole day! It still wasn't enough or maybe I felt it wasn't enough because I didn't bother to get out and do anything. Sometimes, you really need those do nothing days.

8. I am excited for this week, I am hoping it will go smoothly and oh yes my lovely birthday is the Saturday of Easter weekend. Yaaay for me and being older?! 

9. I definitely stayed up late Wednesday night writing down 'My Dreams' which I have mentioned in a  previous post and my last Friday post. It's amazing all the things that come about or how I think no I don't have anything I want to improve for this until you really sit down and figure it all out. Am I done writing it out no, but very close enough that I will be done tomorrow what makes NOW as for my dreams. However I am sure additional things will be added onto the list down the road. The lovely challenges start Sunday like I said before and I cannot wait to take on these tasks. 

10. I am really enjoying the spring weather! I am just loving it way too much, so much I had to put on my coral pants I mentioned before in a previous post, today. It was just that kind of a mood of a day I was feeling. You know the feeling of ALIVE like the wake of spring? Yep, today was my summery spring day of color.

11. As for my final thoughts which is of EXCITEMENT for the following: Easter card shopping tomorrow for my family! Yep I love sending them cards; I love it because it's not expected and I love the idea of receiving something unexpectedly. Another thing is: I am excited to have time to actually read tomorrow. My very last excitement is talking to my lovely amazing cousin this weekend about my week which is always bound with cool conversation. Oh yeah and finally getting to hangout with one of my good friends which we haven't in foreeever, so that I am glad for on Monday.. WOOT WOOT!! =)

12. My last final final thought for this weeks post is the fact of really those 'be careful what you wish for moments' which I know we all ask for things and then when it comes about it's just holy popeye the sailor man, run the other direction, I am dying here, HELP! lol. (Just writing that thought out!) Obviously that is for a lovely future potential blog post if it does ever happen. Until than or hopeful doesn't happen, not to sure at the moment.. this is my week summed up.

Good Night. =)

Signed, Joe

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