Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bless this Mess We Tried Our Best

Good Winter-y now Slushy Afternoon! (Yes, I am disappointed just a tad bit but I will live I think, since it's not freezing cold.)

I woke up to so much snow, remember me talking about that yesterday? Yeah well the pretty little white stuff happened to fall during the night. I am glad it fell when I was asleep because my lovely coffee date with my beautiful friend would have been cancelled, phew! I must admit, I am grateful for it falling well I was asleep. However, at the same time this winter-y snow fall inspired me! It gave me motivation to get onto my blog to actually blog the things that I have been putting off or photos I should have uploaded on posts and have not done at all, so bad. I am sorry for that, but today is the day for uploaded photos and new posts on things! I know my blog has been focusing on the book The Magic since this month started. Well today there will be two posts in one so I hope you all enjoy! ;) 

On another note, last night was the season finale of One Tree Hill - the final Goodbye to a show which I loved and will still love even though it's over completely, no more seasons. I will miss it very much but I will be able to watch it whenever I want through my dvd season collection! I guess Season  9 will be out April 10th, 2012, so fast! 

Below is a few photos I wanted to share, because my cute little niece was crying to go outside. She will be two in May and who couldn't let a little one enjoy a beautiful snow fall! Yep, she was excited that's for sure! As for photos of her and my other niece, sorry they are not my kids so I don't post photos of them online. I know some people don't like that and they're not my kids to being do that. 

And my feature item for today is going to be this cute backpack that I pick up at PINK by Victoria Secret on Tuesday, because there was only two left in this color and I had to get it! I wanted it from the first time I laid eyes on it. I think it's so cute for travelling and you need something to carry your stuff in. I love the grey and yellow together it's so bright and I like bright! The other color available in to get are : pink and white stripe / grey and black stripe / black / grey / pink and a black sequin one which cost more than the non-sequin bags. 

Have a lovely day!

Signed, Joe

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