Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 12 : Magical People Who Made a Difference

It's the wee early first hour of today and I am still up, so I have decided to come on and write out today's task, so I am not late today. I will come back on later to do my 10 blessings, so check back for that! So here is today's task :

- Find a quiet place alone sometime during today, and make a list of three people who made a difference in your life.
- Work through the list one person at a time, and while talking out loud tell each person the reason why you're grateful for them, and exactly how they affected the course of your life.

My 3 people are: 

My Grandpa
& Terrell 

I want to thank you for always being so supportive and positive when it comes to things that I tell you about. Especially when it comes about to my blog and I asked you what could I do to get more viewers or something along those lines and you gave me your opinion. I definitely did not use it right away, but have these past couple days and wow amazing things have been happening! I owe your positivity within you for encouraging me. It helped me take the steps that I have in the past couple days to let go and not be so scared, self-conscious or a critic of myself. And because of this I have seen tiny steps but mean oh so big miracles happening before my eyes. Also too about life in general and all the different aspects and complicated aspects that I do not share with many, but have with you. You are always understanding, wanting to know more and care so much. I truly treasure that aspect because I genuinely know that you care even if it may not the greatest of things that I have to deal with in my life. I love that you treat me as me and not pity me or anything, because of my complexities. I love love our conversations always, always, always they are the best. I honestly missed them so much when you were not in m life, which I know I have said now a gazillion times. I am utterly, undoubtedly grateful for you and I know God knew better than my own self that you and I were meant to be friends still. So truly from the beating soul of my heart I am very lucky, thankful and truly treasure all the greatness that I have in my life along with the amazing positivity. Thank you, thank you so much truly. You are always a helpful friend and always listen, give your truest opinion and I am very grateful for that and for you in my life. 

I want to thank you for always caring and being interested in our lives(your grand-kids lives). You were interested in every body not just your grand-kids. For me this was one thing I have been grateful for from you, because it is a quality I try hard to emulate and put into my life. I know in the past I may have not cared about anything or anyone it seemed and always had my guard up. In these past two years I have blossomed open, always ask questions and listen to others. I know that is something I already always did was help people no matter what or listened but it goes further then that. It goes further into giving of myself also not just getting from others. Since learning that from the past two years I recognize more positive things and not only that people that do not know me are like oh I remember you! If even from a small interaction or big it does not matter but giving some of yourself keeps people attracted to you because they become so curious. I never in a million years would have thought I would have felt the way I did when I heard you may not make it and then hearing when you were gone. I was being strong for you and everyone around when it was official. Before (the unofficial) that was the hardest part being told this may be the last time, it chokes in the middle of my throat just replaying that moment in my head as writing this. Not only did you care, were communicative, interested but you also showed what it was to be respectful and well mannered yet being real, truthful, outspoken and being goofy along with telling funny stories & jokes. I will always be grateful for all the things that you taught me but the most thing that will stick out is the simple fact of being interested and caring. Making yourself known. I will continually as I go on in my life hold those aspects into my life and use them. Really when I think about it or look at it, really those little aspects can make miracles happen, unexpected miracles you never thought of or had happened at all in your life. But sometimes God decides to make your life that much more beautiful because your interest, caring, love and communication. So thank you for everything that you gave to me while you were on this earth! And may you be my guardian angel with me always, for the great times, the bad and the hard times when I am not sure where to turn or what to do. I know you will be looking over with your guidance and support. thank you and love you always and forever to the deep pit soul of my stomach and past my insides to the deepest root of my heart. love always, forever and truly, your lovely granddaughter. 

I want to thank you for always being there to listen to me no matter what. Even if it I am completely insane crazy, haha! Super down, happy or in between, you always know what to say and you never sugar coat it. You just tell it how it is and I like that about you, because I know I will always hear the truth even if it is something I do not want to hear or have heard it from someone else but it goes in one ear and out the other, you have a way of making me stop. listen. think. and react to get a positive outcome. I think the most way that you have affected me in my life is with your advice when I was down, angry, full of hatred and always negative because that day you honestly gave me the best advice anyone has ever said to me. It pushed me to get what I needed to get in my life and because of you I have learned so much about myself and have grown and slowly blossoming. I have honestly you to thank for that because nobody else at the time was very helpful like you. You always push me, push me to limits that I never really thought about to look at it from another point of view. Also because of you pushing me it has allowed me to be open and not closed off or guarded. I am happy, positive and full of energy, but of course there will be bad days every now and again but that is inevitable. I am oh so very grateful and thankful for you in my life and that we are family. I literally would not being in the position that i am today in my life if it was not for your advice that pushed me. I will always being here for you and happy to talk to you because you are blessing in disguise of something I always felt in my heart of wanting a brother but to me your are that even though we are cousins. i love you and thank you truly truly truly from the bottom of my uncontrollable laughter heart



1.  I am truly blessed to have a toilet to use, because it's a lot better than going in a bush.
2.  I am so happy and grateful for getting to meet up with my beautiful friend to chat today for a couple of hours, because there is always so many different interesting topics that come up!
3.  I am truly grateful for my cell phone to communicate on a daily basis, because it has a lot more efficent use for me than a home phone.
4. With all my heart, thank you for the little signs in life that I am some times determine to figure out, because some times there are reasons why and some things aren't meant for me to be apart of because there is some thing way hundred times better set out in the universe for me. 
5. I am truly grateful for the food that I had today throughout my day, because it tasted so deliciously good.
6. I am so happy and grateful for Grey's Anatmony, because I have an interesting show to watch on Thursday nights along with Vampire Diaries! 
7. I am truly blessed for the time I had today to go through some things that needed to be done but haven't, because I got a start even though it's not completely done.
8. I am truly grateful for the weather while I was out, because it wasn't pouring rain.
9. I am truly blessed for the foundations that I have been able to built up for myself to be stronger, because it is showing me things I never fully was aware of before in my past.
10. With all my heart, thank you for who ever came up with pinterest, because it's fun, addicting and passes time. 

Signed, Joe

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