Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 13 : Make All Your Wishes Come True

Good Morning! 

We are on Day 13 and half way to our final goal/task mark of 27! I hope you all have a beautiful day today and enjoy the weather. I will be back later on to finish my blessings, I know I wrote some out already, but come back. =) And here is today's mission : 

- Sit down at a computer or with a pen and journal, and list your top ten desires. Write thank you three times before each one, as though you've already received it. For example : Thank you, thank you, thank you for your desire.
- Using your imagination, answer the following questions in your mind, as though you've received each of your ten desires : 
[1.] What emotions did you feel when you received your desire?
[2.] Who was the first person you told when you received your desire, and how did you tell them?
[3.] What is the first great thing you did when you received your desire? Include as much detail as you can in your mind.
- Finally, reread the sentence listing your desire, and really emphasize the magic words thank you, so that you feel them as much as you can. 
- If you like, create a Magic Board. Cut out pictures and attach them to your Magic Board, and put it in a place you see often. Title the board THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU in big bold letters across the top. 



1.  I am truly blessed to have such encouraging friends, because they're always supportive about things I mention, do or say whether verbally or written. 
2.  I am so happy and grateful for life, because without experiences, challenges, mistakes and so forth I wouldn't be where I am today.
3.  I am truly grateful for my glasses to see, because they provide me the vision I need.
4. With all my heart, thank you for my wonderful bed, because it's so comfy and relaxing! 
5. I am so happy and grateful for the fun at work, because it makes time fly by.
6. I am truly grateful for it being busy today, because it made time go a lot quicker having something to do.
7. I am truly grateful for the ride home, because it was pouring rain outside all day today.
8. I am truly blessed for the food that I had today well at work, because even though I didn't feel hungry it gave me the energy I needed that I was lacking.
9. I am truly blessed for all the beverages that I had today, because they provided me with a smooth and delicious taste.
10. With all my heart, thank you for the multiple opportunities to do different tasks today at work.

Signed, Joe

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