Friday, April 13, 2012

Girl Run that Show

Hello Friday Once again!! 

I hope this Friday's post has quite a few things to be mentioned, because I feel like since doing my ten blessings everyday I don't have much. I think I can sum up some things possibly not mentioned, so here it goes! I hope your Friday is going good, because for me it is, it's just a rainy day. It's kind of nice this gloomy rain day in a way. 

1. Oh my gosh, Grey's Anatomy last night was woooow, why why why would someone do something like that, disappointment face. 

2. I am so excited to get a lovely gift for someone as a surprise this weekend hopefully, because it's for a little boy turning 5 years old! The theme is lego, so I found some interesting things related to that. 

3. I have been on Pinterest so many times this week and each time I log out I found some thing else to add and have to log back in. 

4. Transferring some files to my new computer took so long and I am still not done! I have so much stuff to still go through to put onto my new computer. It seems like it's taking for.ev.eeeer! 

5. Yaay, another coffee meet up with my friend again this week, so interesting and fun all the stuff we talked about! There is always, always interesting topics to discuss! I love it!! 

6. My night shall consist of either going through my old computer to add stuff onto my newer one or watching 'The Help' or maybe read a little bit. Sounds like a good way to end the night after work today! Okay, or possibly reading blogs too a bit. So many options but those are them. 

7.  I really love my new bag that my friend got for my birthday, it's such a cool design! 

8. Woot Woot!! The 3rd installment of Oh My My My Part 4 was put up, that just made my Friday! I am obsessed with reading this journey of love, because it's so incredibly amazing!! So here it is for all of you to read Oh My My My | Part 4 !! If you want the links to the previous installments click on March 23, 2012's Girl Run that Show post to get all the links I featured. =) 

9. I cannot wait for next Friday to go see 'The Lucky One' with Zac Efron!! I am excited for that movie. I swear next weekend is going to be a movie weekend. I think I might also go to 'Think like a Man' as well but not 100% sure. 

10. The songs for this week that I have been liking is T.i. - Love this Life and Taylor Swift's new one Eyes Open. 

11. My next task this weekend is to do a 'to do list' because I can think of so many things that I need to complete and have not gotten on it to complete the tasks completely. It's been a little here and there kind of ordeal. 

12. Keeping Up with the Kardashian's starts up again on the 20th of May, so I will have something to keep me entertained, because I am sure most shows will be over or starting to be over by then. 

13. I have a task that I must complete or start and I cannot, no I am probably considered lazy not making an effort, but I need to start on my goal of going to the gym. Yes, I will probably start yoga, but in the time being I should really go to get back in shape as in being toned again. I loved when I worked out and began being toned! My body was at it's best for sure, no questions asked! I swear people are in oohh and ahh over the smokin' hot tamale toned-ness that was going on! Droooool, yep. I definitely drool over my arms being incredibly gorgeous, which are now not that way anymore. 

14. I cannot tell you how much the taste of nestea ice tea felt going down my throat, so refreshingly delicious! I want to buy a whole case just because I haven't had that in forever, because I never pick up pop other than ginger ale, in case end up sick out of nowhere. 

15. My charger for my phone doesn't seem to work anymore, which is tragic because I really don't want to get a new phone yet, because I want to wait to see what comes out new this summer/fall. I do admit though an upgrade is in order for myself, because I have had this phone for a long time since 2009. The technology is so advance on phones now days, that mine isn't even close to this newer technology. Thankfully my sister and I have the same phone, so borrowing of charger will possibly be likely and probably annoying at the same time! I might just ask a co-worker since she had my phone and now has something better. 

16. Haha, my favorite moment for me was yesterday! The shy and timid blushing I don't want to say but of course I have to once we go our separate ways to our own homes. Yes, I had to text it because that's good old me. The best part of it all is I legit cannot wait to TELL HER when it happens!! I am so excited for something that hasn't even happened and I don't know if one should be this happy but I am! I am because I get to share it with someone so awesome and incredibly great! 

17. I literally have not seen my manager since I did the April Fools prank on her until probably Tuesday or Wednesday such a long time! It was funny, I got her so good! Good times, good times! 

18. Family pack mini eggs on sale, score! 

19. Waiting to hear back about my teeth so I can get my advance, newer replacement thingy for in my mouth instead of the one I have now which is consider ancient history when another dentist seen it. I can't wait for the phone call to go get it done, because I have been waiting forever to have it done. It bugs me so much the one I have in my mouth now, because it looks so ugly!!!!!!

20. My newest must have I want is Hunter's, because i do not own a pair of rain boots at all. I love love love the colors! I want some, so my color choices : cranberry / raspberry / teal. I did want the coral but I don't think I am able to get that color any more. I also think those other colors would look better and have a pop of color that is just right for any outfit! I can't wait to get me some!! I really wish I had me some today for this rainy weather.

21. I thought this post was worth mentioning although I don't live in the states but still. I think it should be read and provokes your mind of thoughts.. Wendy's Lookbook | Flowers for Precious.

Well I think this is it for this Friday's post, so I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I will be back tomorrow for the next task to complete from 'The Magic'. 

Signed, Joe

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