Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 17 : The Magic Check

Hello Sunshine's!

It's Day 17 on the blog today and I know it's on here later today then usually but here it is : 

- Fill your Magic Check with the amount of money you want to receive, along with your name and today's date.
- Hold your Magic Check in your hands, and imagine purchasing the specific thing you want the money for. Feel as happy and grateful as you can that you have received it. 
- Take the Magic Check with you today, or put it in a place where you will see it often. On at least two more occasions, take the check in your hands, picture yourself using the money for what you want, and feel as grateful as though you were really doing it.
- At the end of today, keep your Magic Check in a prominent place where you will see it daily. When you have received the money on your check, or if you receive the item you wanted to spend the money on, replace the check with a new amount for something else you want, and repeat steps 2-4.

p.s. - Day 16 of Count Your Blessings is completed for those that went back to view but there was nothing yesterday. 



1.  I am truly blessed to have a calm and relaxed day today at work, because it was so nice, so nice! 
2.  I am so happy and grateful for all the clothes that I found today, because they all were perfect finds for me.
3.  I am truly grateful for all the things that I am in need of or have a to do list for has easily come to me, because in the past I never had things come so easily to me that I need.
4. With all my heart, thank you for the beautiful day that turned out by the time I left work, because in the morning it was gloomy and chilly.
5. I am truly blessed for the food that I had tonight for supper, because it was amazingly good!!
6. I am truly grateful for the movies, because for the past two days I have had something to unwind to.
7. With all my heart, thank you for my beautiful friend, because I love our conversations and or cute little finds we share with each other.
8. I am truly blessed for the book The Magic, because I am starting to notice things happening that I never noticed before and it's all because of the count your blessings and appreciating things. 
9. I am so happy and grateful for the thing that I had to get on my to do list but never got to it, because someone else wound up getting it for me, so when I got home it was waiting for me!
10. With all my heart, thank you for all the support lately that I have been receiving, because I know in the past I wouldn't have allowed myself to get or receive this kind of support. 

Signed, Joe

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