Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 4 : Magical Health

Good Jolly Sunshine Afternoon Lovelies!

Oh Boy, am I glad it is nice out today! I remember yesterday a warning was out for snow and I was like what? Really, I am really loving the sunshine and dry sidewalks but to my Wednesday morning I was not disappointed at all. Today is Day 4 of The Magic! Let me get right into it and it's a really simple task!

- On a piece of paper or card write the words:

- Place the piece of paper with your written words where you know you will see it often today.
- On as least four occasions, read the words very slowly, and feel as grateful as you can for the precious gift of health!



1. I am truly blessed to have clothes to wear every day on my back because not everyone can afford new clothes.
2. I am so happy and grateful for having time in my life where I can spend with family and friends.
3. I am truly grateful for the sense of smell because without that ability I wouldn't be able to recognize certain smells whether good or bad.
4. With all my heart, thank you for transportation to get me from point A to point B, because it allows me travel where I need to on a regular basis or for vacation.
5. I am truly blessed to all the accessories that I do have because some people aren't as lucky to have the little simple detail things that make an outfit.
6. I am truly grateful for the telephone, because it's another way for communication to take place.
7. I am so happy and grateful for the ability to get healthcare, because not everybody has that opportunity to receive someone to assess what's wrong with them.
8. With all my heart, thank you for my lungs that allow me to breathe, because without them I wouldn't be here in this world.
9. With all my heart, thank you for my heart that is the center of everything, because it keeps everything alive inside of me and my soul, it pumps compassion which not everybody holds. 
10. I am truly blessed to have joy, happiness, love and laughter in my life, because they make life that more great, that more joy-able, that more fantastically beautiful!

Signed, Joe

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