Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 8 : Magical Ingredient

Good Morning Lovelies!

Today's task is called Magical Ingredient and here it is, pretty simple and I think it's a good thing I posted this right now.

- Before you eat or drink anything today, take a moment to look at what you're about to eat or drink, and in your mind or out loud, say the magic words, thank you! If you want you can sprinkle your food or drink with magic dust.



1.  I am truly blessed to have all the adventures that I have had in my life, because they instill something in me each time different than the last adventure and will continue to in my future.
2.  I am so happy and grateful for the gym, because when I was working out it gave me so much strength and toneness to make me feel good about myself.
3.  I am truly grateful for dentisit's, because I wouldn't be able to get my teeth pretty pearl, fixed or to have braces when I was younger.
4. With all my heart, thank you for dreams even though most of the time I forget them quickly, however the bare minimal remembrance I do hold onto I am glad, because they can give you an amazing look into what is to come for you or happen and that is increible. 
5. I am truly grateful for the moon at night, because when it's so bright and big it looks amazing and that anything you do can happen.
6. I am truly happy and grateful for the experience of being a children, because of the feel of not having responsibilities and being free spirited to run with the wind.
7. I am truly blessed for all the amazing, beautiful, intelligent, quotes that I come across in life, because they provide different things such as : hope, belief, faith, a challenge, a push harder, love, joy.
8. I am truly blessed to those people who risked their lives in war, so that I am able to live a normal life.
9. With all my heart, thank you for Martin Luther King Jr., because without him I wouldn't be ableto do the things that I am to now. 
10. With all my heart, thank you for all the relationships that I have, because they're stronger and better now then they ever have been. 

Signed, Joe

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