Friday, April 6, 2012

Girl Run that Show

Hello Lovelies to Friday again!

This week has been a great week, a really great week! I couldn't have asked for a better week leading up to my birthday tomorrow. So with that said here is my week thoughts wrapped up down below, enjoy! 

1. Getting my manager with an April fools joke, then the assistant manager + some co-workers! 

2. Hiding in a box on my assistant manager, to wait for her to open it! 

3. One Tree Hill made my week for shows this week even though it's completely over and no more seasons coming. I will miss it dearly but I can always watch the seasons I have on dvd whenever I want. =) (p.s. - This show is MY ALL TIME FAVORITE!)

4. I got my cereal finally, cinnamon corn pops that every time I go to the store they never had, so this time I bought up 3 boxes, lol.

5. I am glad to have worked on Sunday instead of Monday, because it was just mellow and I got mostly everything done that I needed too! Ambition is the road I was on that day!

6. Meeting up for coffee with my lovely, beautiful friend again this week. I was super excited to hangout again, but a bit worried in the fact she would have gotten the book I bought her for Easter. Pheeew, thankfully that was not an issue at all, yaaaay! 

7. Being disappointed about hearing that a snow warning was in effect but not coming during the morning, day, evening but well I was asleep which I was okay with. However, being a tad disappointed to see snow, yet inspired along with motivated. Just mixed emotions, really.

8. Completing all the tasks on my blog everyday from the start of the month, which accomplishing makes me happy and proud!

9. My birthday tomorrow, which I am excited but yet mixed emotions. (that's another post which will be up tomorrow or Sunday)

10. My favorite photographer blog post this week, which is amazingly beautiful that I had to share is -> Matt Clayton Photography. <- (click link to check it out)

11. Another post I enjoyed was from this photographer Jamie Delaine who wrote about her best friend being engaged + had photos included of course. I love the way she writes the story about them. I love hearing love stories about couples and how they came together. It melts my heart whenever I hear a good story, especially when it's written so perfectly good,! (click her name to read the story)

12. My non-stop laughing when I came home from work on Sunday night because of my April fool's joke. Just the replay of me falling to the ground laughing, because I couldn't wait for the reaction to come. It was great, great! I love making people laugh and doing little jokes. My job just is not the same without that freedom, laughter unlike my last job where I felt restricted and molded with no freedom in the way I have now. 

13. My excitement to get my friend her Easter gift, because I love when I get something I know someone will love/likes or they forget about it or don't know how I remember certain things when they tell me, but oh do I remember like a winter snow fall. 

14. My playlist of songs that has been on repeat from the middle of this week is the following songs : Justin Bieber - Boyfriend / Karmin - Brokenhearted / Cassie - King of Hearts / Monica & Brandy - It all belongs to me / The Temper Trap - Fader / Kelly Rowland - Keep it between us / Taylor Swift - Eyes open / Lil Wayne ft Bruno Mars - Mirror / Taylor Swift ft Civil Wars - Safe & Sound .

15. White Chocolate Mousse Cake from downtown would really be a great choice for tomorrow! Delicious, but so is Strawberry Boston Cream and Ice cream cake but the first two are more so my all time favorites. 

16. I just want my one wish to finally, finally, finally come true that's all I am asking and I know I have a lot of dreams but this one more specifically is one thing I want for sure, okay another dream is tied up there too but I vouch for this one more at the moment in my life. (Pleaaase, so I can have a future post about it, possibly..maybe?!)

17. Work was a good day today, just became jittery all of a sudden but probably because I was hungry. And no I didn't have coffee, just passion tea lemonade from starbucks a venti. ;) Delicious! 

18. Okay, it's 10:07pm and I had to come back on here to post this last thing for my week that I am addicted to, this photographer's love stories. I have mentioned in other Friday posts, so here is the newest one -> love story. Enjoy!

19. My last final wow moment of today was a huge shocker moment of ohmygosh ... what am I suppose to do now! Pheeew, it wasn't but pretty close! Damn was I right all along what I saw was a bombshell beauty that drives that sick GLK-class mercedes benz, baaaby! I always knew/had a feeling that it was someone so gorgeous like a supermodel! The long blonde hair, how gorgeous and black shades rollin in a 300! I think girls look so siccck driving a Chrysler 300 but of course not as hot as a mercedes. 

This is my week summed up! I will definitely be back to talk about more stuff this weekend. Have a lovely Friday night. =)

Signed, Joe

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