Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Coincidence or Signs?

Hi Everybody!

How are you all doing? Hopefully great! I wanted to post some stuff tomorrow that I had gotten today but then these weird things keep coming to me all day. I just had to come on here to post about it because I really had to talk about it. (Wow, really odd sentence structure there)

This is my day today, which I woke up early this morning (6:25am to be exact) to get ready for my interview that I had. I wanted to be on time and made sure I had everything together including appearance wise that I had more than enough time to get ready. I definitely gave myself more than enough time and made perfect time. I left my house around 8:15am to get to my interview which was at 9:30am. I surely made it above on time which is good for me, better safe early than sorry late. I got to the place where my interview was being held at 8:55am. I had a little bit of time to spare until the 9:15am mark came around. I just sat in pure calmness, because nothing opened up until 10am. Of course there was second cup right beside me, however I did not want to grab something before going in. I was more focused on being calm and relaxed. Once I went inside at 9:15am because I was early; I had to wait and my interview definitely wasn't at 9:30am. It was definitely probably at 10am because the last time I checked the clock it was 9:45am and I was still waiting to be asked in to be interviewed. I wasn't mad or anything on that aspect, which I am sure some people would be but I was the first interview of the morning, so it's understandable to having to get organized. I am so glad I did some prep work the night before for the interview, that prep work saved my life today! 

After the interview, I then came home and went straight back into my cozy pj's, put on a movie and fell asleep during it. It really only made sense to do that because it was a rainy, gloomy, cloudy day today. It was a perfect day for that even more so, because I didn't have to go into work after my interview. Thank you manager, I loveee you for that! It made my day! =) 

The rest of my day consisted of staying in reading through blogs at around 3:30pm when I woke up. I love when I find great exciting posts, because it makes me so excited that I am literally jumping inside!! The best part of my day not only today but always is the awesome conversation I always have with my friend Cristina. She is so amazing! I was honestly thinking today again how I am so glad that I have her because all the cool topics and stuff we share with each other is great. It's great because when I look back I honestly didn't have that for a time period. And life wasn't that grand or great as now to have someone like her to share cool stories, ideas, thoughts, life, dreams.. pretty well anything. I am so so so unbelievable grateful to God for one. Second for in myself of always being opposite of others and doing what I want and not what others think even though I am total accepting of there point of view. Sometimes, the inner feeling inside knows best and I can't deny that I never thought about this friendship at all at least once ever so often when I just stopped communicating. I am honestly grateful without a doubt for a second chance truly from the bottom of my heart and not only that but God honestly knew better than I did that I needed someone like her in my life. He knew because when she wasn't, my life wasn't as spectacular as it is now. 

The above was my detailed day but why I really came on here was to mention all these coincidences, signs or whatever one wants to call them just coming out of nowhere from left field in my eyes. It seemed so weird but I know at the same time it isn't something to consider weird most likely. The following was a list of things that had come about to me today starting from 12am or 1am this morning. Yes, I was up that late and got up early for my interview. =)

- A blog post I had been waiting to see the photos from a shoot done last week posted.
- Part six of Oh My My My posted and oh boy was I ever screaming excited of course inside because it was 1am when I saw that post. I knew I couldn't stay up to read it because it is pretty long but even so I told myself after my interview, didn't happen. And still hasn't happened but I am going to get onto reading it as soon as I post this before I go to bed. 
- My all time dream vehicle as we were driving which is very rare to see this type Mercedes Benz G500 . My dream SUV to honestly die for!! 
- A very interesting post not that long ago today about something I had talk to Cristina about on Sunday. To see something posted about that of someone else, oh my I definitely told her right away! It's not very often I see or hear about that subject from people, so of course I was speedy immediate text to get her to check it out! 
- The amazing video I came across of this couple that.. oh my they're super cute, funny, full of life and laughter. 

It was weird in the sense that it was like being given signs into things that I can have in life or things I need to get in order to get those things in my life. I think ultimately though is was signs of hard-work and putting yourself out there and taking risks can achieve the greatness beyond the potential I see now. However, I know also that I had a definite angel by my side today, because things like this just don't happen or come out of nowhere all in a row like that ever. I honestly know my grandpa was there with me today and that may be his way of showing things I want that I can have if I just let myself. I know he knows more than I do now that he is in heaven but I also know that he always had so much care about how we were and what we were doing in life. For that I am very appreciative for and sometimes that is taken for granted and not realized until it's too late. For the most part I think that whole part about caring about our daily life's really hit me when I heard those exact words read that very day of his prayers/funeral. It hit home like a home run and it couldn't have rushed faster than it did that day in my heart then that of any other day. Some thing inside struck like a power line falling down across a car.. it still ponders in my mind, because that kind of characteristic of getting to know everyone and everyone knew who my grandpa was and that is very rare for a lot of people to outshine and attract so many good people in life. My grandpa did and that is one thing I will carry with me inside my heart is making effort to know others but also taking the time to allow others to know who I am as well. 

I know I could write more on this but it's a pretty long post and that last bit is getting in to deep and bit more harder to get further into but this was my day. I hope you all enjoyed this post and look out hopefully tomorrow or if not tomorrow Thursday for a more specific post related to some purchases that got made from my day today after my interview. 

night lovelies. 

Signed, Joe

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