Sunday, June 24, 2012

You're the Smile on My Face

Good Afternoon Lovelies!

I was going to wait to do this post Monday but I kind of have other plans, so today is the day this post is going to get put up! Oh and really, it was suppose to go up Friday but I thought after that long Girl Run that Show post I needed to give that some breather room space for all you onlookers. This is what I wore Friday for what was suppose to be a short day at work but turned out longer. However, that is okay and it was warm out, so I was glad I wore shorts Friday! Even though there was a bit of wind. I have actually been wearing shorts a lot more than I ever do which is way exciting! Well on to the post of viewing and looking.. :D Have a wonderful day! Oh and p.s. - Thank You all for the beautiful comments and I do reply back and check out your blogs and leave a little BRIGHTLIGHTS LOVE. <3

Cardigan : Forever21
Top : H&M
Shorts : Garage (shown here on previous post)
Shoes : KEDS

Signed, Joe


  1. Love your tank top. It's very bright and cheerful.

  2. Your top is gorgeous!
    Please check out my blog too at Miss Tangerine :)

  3. The top is totally cute.. the print is fun.

  4. great top! love the colors and prints

  5. These photographs are so lovely, you look so stunning!


  6. You are so cute! Thank you for leaving such sweet comments on my blog! Those quotes are lovely, too! I wanted to tell you to set up your e-mail with blogger that way, you can get my replies straight to your e-mail! You can also reply to other peoples comments on your blog from your e-mail.

  7. I love your top, the print and the colour make it pop-out! :)

  8. Love the pink on you!



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