Wednesday, July 11, 2012

storyofmylife / heart her and her blog.


Sorry I have been MIA for a few days, it's just been so hot here plus 33-37 and I do not have the energy these past couple days to keep up with the things I need to. I know I haven't done anything on here and thought I should go on here and post about something. I had this waiting around to post for a while but I just never got around to it and today seems like the perfect day!

I found her(Jenni) blog not that long ago and not too recently and I fell in complete LOVE. I thought she is worth mentioning for those that have not ever come across her blog. Oh and she is super gorgeous like the first day of spring! I even had to share it with my friend and my mom the love story especially, melt my heart! Oh and I forgot to mention her husband has the most beautiful eyes eveeeeeer!!

My favorite entries from her blog that stole my heart were theses and how could they not be! I am a complete sucker for stories like these, especially when they are real life! I attached those links below and you can read them for yourself and leave her some blog love.

the love story
Yeah this was a stolen heart moment after reading this! Wow, I was not expecting to reading something like this at all but I was in definite awe after! This was initially my reaction "Oh my gosh! that love story blew me out of the water, pure pure faith! How often do you hear something like that? I like how persistent he was and his eyes, holy smokes his eyes, gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous! Crazy how people know that so fast! ("First time I saw her I knew she would be my wife!") Awww and comes true!!"

If you love love stories like me, total sucker here, I think you should read. 

new year's resolutions and how to bloody keep them
This entry with the tweet made me laugh so haaaard!! I literally died and of course I had to share this with my friend. Gave me a good laugh!

Ask Matthew: Questions answered! (pt 1) / Ask Matthew: Questions answered! (pt 2)
I loved this because it's not often you get to hear from someone's significant other and so I liked how he answered the questions but more so how he took the time to post on her blog and answer all the questions from her followers. Great read and so smart. Haha, one of my favorite questions was this "Jenni does a lot of outfit posts, but what is your favorite sort of outfit to see her in? Glamorous? Casual? Sweatpants/hair tied chillin with no make up on? (lil Drake lyrics)Another question that I liked was "when are you gonna make some babies?! haha.. loved the response! 

first date re-created
I like the excerpt from one of her favorite books she wrote out on this post!

blate queens
Another funny post that I loved.

guest post
I know this isn't directly on her blog but a guest post on another's but I wanted to share because I liked what she had to say on being a newlywed.

what are you waiting for?
I enjoyed this entry because it was something inspirational and about life and changing.

couples session with brittney squire
This was the first thing that I had come across that got me to her blog and oh boy, these photos are gorgeous!

I believe this is it and to check out who Jenni is click here to read her about me and get to know her, her blog and her life! enjoy. =) I hope you all enjoy the links I have posted that made me fall in love with her and her blog. I know there is a TON more entries but these ones are what stuck out for me and I am sure you will find yours or more stuff which I haven't linked up.

I have a lovely evening. 

Signed, Joe


  1. I know what you mean about the heat! I have no AC at our house and I have been wilting and not wanting to do anything! But there is so much to be done, I sure hope it cools down soon!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! Now following your blog! :)

  3. Ugh, the heat is the worst, isn't it? It makes you not want to do ANYTHING.

  4. Thank you SO much for the amazing comment you left on my blog! You are so sweet and honestly with support from people like you, I feel like I can do anything! Your blog is fantastic, and I will definitely read her blog.

  5. Nice post!

  6. Thanks for the sweet comment :) But I love this girls blog, I read it almost every day. Love your blog as well! Xoxo


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