Thursday, May 23, 2013


Day 23
[ Things you've learned that school won't teach you]

First off so close to the end! I cannot believe it, so amazing! 31 one days of straight blogging, awesome, awesome! I am definitely however going to have to makeup for all these writing posts for photos posts next I feel.. ;) Let's get into today's post..

Life I learnt will knock you off your base plate to make you realize what you have and to be grateful for what it is that you have. It does this to show you that before you get to home base there's more to life and you have to work really hard at the things you want in life. And it is your duty to be thankful for everything, even the simplest of little things. Also life will throw random curve balls to shake you up to see if what you want is truly what you want and are you truly willing to fight as hard as you can to achieve it. 

Being greener on your own turf is the first thing to look at because what you may think is greener on the other side could completely take you off guard and isn't. I definitely heard people talk about it and never truly got it until I endured it by hearing another persons thoughts. It's surprising what you may think can turn out completely and honestly different from someones thoughts, live, stories etc. Fixing what is on my side is the first step to making my life grow to bountiful things. Comparing my life to that of someone else doesn't help also.. my journey is my journey and no one else.

This life of mine has also taught me that it isn't what others want at the end of the day. It is my life and what I want truly, because at the end of the day I am the one who has to live with the results, nobody else. When figuring out this life and what I want to achieve it's not about taking the safe road because everybody else around me is scared or doesn't think it is a good path etc. I am the one who needs to make myself fulfilled and happy, so that I can say I least tried even if I failed or doesn't work in my favor. At least I tried and there will be no what if or regret. Basically, do what is best for the heart at the time and not other peoples opinions as the ultimate result. Everybody has a purpose in this life. 

My life has taught me to DREAM BIG always, no matter what others say, believe or think about them. If it is something I truly want and I am willing to put in the effort to achieve it then anything can be accomplished with determination. Having ambitions, daily goals and or weekly goals helps you get there. Having those dreams written down hold me accountable for the things I say. And not only does it hold myself accountable but as well actions talk louder than words, so putting everything into play is what gets you the things you want out of life. Life is full of opportunities  it's all about how one chooses to go about it. One can dream and dream but do nothing to attain it or one can do something to make it come to life. Some times dreams are so big as well as scary that if you don't risk it all how will you gain anything? This life isn't about regrets. This life has failures and that's okay, they don't make you less of anything they make you fight harder to wanting to make a point in I'll do anything to be better than the next; even if that means staying later, go that extra mile when I could stop. It's about pushing harder, working harder, giving triple than 100%, it's about crafting my game to be better than the person who is lacking. You got to be one step ahead, and running not chasing things. 

In this life time I have wanted a LOT of things and I have achieved the goals I have set out and wanted in the past up until now. It didn't matter if it was something small or big it counts if you really want it and it means something to you. However, with that comes believing and being positive. Being positive attracts positive. Being negative attracts negative. The certain things that I have attracted into my life is because my attitude and outlook on it. Being positive is what attracts the very ultimate amazing experiences, desires etc. And no one can teach you that but you. Anyone can believe in you and what you want from life, however if you don't believe in you then there's a problem, and so to gain the things one desires believing is a must, a must of yourself. 

These are my things I've learned and I know there is much more to learn in this life of mine, because I haven't learnt everything. I hope you enjoyed!

Signed, Joe

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