Monday, June 24, 2013

The Question of WHY?

Hello Daisy Blossom's!

I wanted to come on here today and talk a bit about my blog. I feel like I have said a lot of things on updates or in general regarding this blog over the time I have been on here. I know it has never really been quite consistent the posting on here as to what I post such as regularity for a certain idea or topic. Over a couple of months now I have been going through all these different aspects of blogging and writing down all my ideas, thoughts and taking notes on things. I definitely know there is a lot that I lack on my blog for sure. I am well aware of the things I could do for this blog to benefit you the readers and also myself. For today's post I want to talk about the main reason of WHY. This will be over a couple of posts that I will venture into different territory of my blogging thoughts or ideas. 

Let's Begin!
The the definition of this whole big picture I am talking about here is the underlying answer to and the start of WHY?

WHY am I doing this?

I am doing this because I want to be an INSPIRATION to others and not only that; I feel when I get inspired by others it gives me hope and belief that okay, so I am not alone or this is possible or simple amazement or just what I needed at this time. I want to also do this blog for myself as a journal to share for my best friends to keep them in the loop while I venture off to school away from them. I want to do this because I want to share my stories and for them to be excited or enjoy my journey away from home since calling to hangout isn't a possibility at the moment. With this I want to bring a positive aspect into place, not saying everything will be all happy, sunshine and rainbows because of course life throws curve balls and you need to vent about it which is okay but for the most part. I want to bring into my blog INSPIRATION, stories, my life but ultimately to share everything of me for them to see. 

I shall see you again for another topic on a Monday in regards to my blogging world thoughts of my blog.

Have a lovely Monday!

Signed, Joe

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