Wednesday, August 14, 2013

grateful-thankful wednesdays

Hello Daisy Blossom's!
& Happy Wednesday! :)

1. I am truly grateful for the friends that care so much about me, because they are always there to listen and help me out any way they can.
2. With all my heart, thank you for the ability to feel a full heart of passion in everything that I do, because it rounds the person I am everyday. 
3. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have received at the newest job I got back in May and leaving for a couple months while away for school, because everything happens for a reason even beyond things I could even see. 
4. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by grateful people who appreciate things and life, because I know the smallest things at the end of the day mean the most. 
5. I am truly grateful for books and the knowledge they can provide or the things that can stimulate your imagination, because books have the ability to show you and express things you never really thought of fully. 
6. I am so grateful to have a bed to sleep on, because I am fortunate enough to have a good sleep.
7. With all my heart, thank you for the ability of going out of my comfort zone even though I have no idea what is in store for me. 
8. I am truly blessed for the beautiful warm sun, because it makes the day so bright and cheery. 
9. With all my heart, thank you for life, love, passion, dreams, risks and vulnerability because each one of those aspects shape my life to what I want to make of it. 
10. With all my heart, thank you for the ability to be courageous and take a step forward out of the shallow water to go into the deep end to break the barrier, because I know sometimes in life something is right in front of me and I lack the confidence to pursue it, so thank you. 

Signed, Joe

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