Wednesday, August 28, 2013

grateful / thankful wednesdays

Hey Daisy Blossom's!

It's Wednesday and possibly this post or if not this Friday's will be the last for a wee little bit until I move and get settled in. And no I don't have any pre-scheduled posts for you guys, which I am sorry for that but I have been getting things together. On Tuesday was my last day of work also, so not a whole lot of time to make up posts before hand. I know I missed Monday, sorry again, but I hope you understand. This is a first-time thing, so it's pretty interesting to say the least with a lot of last minute errands, people to see and last minute things to get together. I have a quick hour to do this post before I am heading off to do something else again. I wanted to put this out there, in case anyone doesn't see anything posted from me for a while. ;)

Here is today's Wednesday post for you all! :) 

1. I am so grateful for all the love this past two weeks, but even more so this week because I know there are a lot who truly want me to be happy and have a good experience.
2. I am truly blessed for everything coming together and aligning because I know the universe wants this to happen for me.
3.  With all my heart, thank you for allowing one last visit, one last time with each of my core four before I head off because I know they're so supportive, encouraging and always share their best advice. 
4. I am truly grateful for technology, because it provides so many access ways to communicating.
5. With all my heart, thank you for all the support, love and interesting in the things I want to accomplish in my life because I know a lot people don't go after the very thing they want. 
6. I am truly blessed to have a place to live while in school and being able to make it my own space for the time that I am there, because that will be my place to eat, sleep, study, communicate along with watch my shows. 
7. I am so grateful for the new experiences, new people, new life, new challenges, new atmosphere, new chapter, new room, new friends, new opportunities, new learning experience, all new everything because I know this journey is going to be an amazing journey that I will get to share with my close friends back home but also I get to live, share, give my wisdom to someone or inspire someone.
8. I am truly grateful for all the amazing things in life such as water, food, electricity, heat, air conditioning, air because being able to have all those makes life amazing.
9. With all my heart, thank you for the little ones in my life and the littlest one going to come very soon before Christmas because I know they're smart, kind, beautiful, intelligent souls with an incredible future ahead of them.
10. I am so grateful for possibility of becoming and being open, because I know people can notice a difference in energy and I know this has helped me for the new adventure going to take place now. 

Happy Wednesday!

Signed, Joe

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