Tuesday, September 3, 2013

what I come from

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I have decided to join on in with SOML Blogtember challenge!! Yaaay! I love doing these challenges that she makes, they're awesome and always good questions to write to which I love writing! I will get into today's topic and leave you with the link here for the wrote she wrote for today's topic, if you wanted to take a read yourself. :) 

Tuesday September 3rd : Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are. 

If I start off where I come from it would be the start of my grandparents on both sides of my families then my actually parents. Why I say my grandparents is because they worked so hard back in those days. They had a work ethic that got instilled into their children, which became my parents. The work ethic definitely got passed down onto me, along with manners, helping people and etc. (all the good stuff you learn and hear stories about from your grandparents). Also back then the roles were more defined in those days and strict this is what this person is expected to do etc. Where as now it's either or with many choices and options. I definitely got a lot of value instilled in me from my grandparents for sure on my dad's side, because I would see them regularly growing up for all the holidays and some non holidays. There is always stories, laughter etc. As for my mom's side I never really grow up around or seen that much to be honest however, via communication telephone and good old fashion snail mail. I still snail mail with my auntie. As I got older I seen my family on my mom's side more, and I had just went to my grandmothers 100th birthday last March! How many people can say they have lived to see a milestone like that or witness it even? It was an amazing opportunity and she obviously isn't 100 percent in remembering things. Boy, did I hear some stories from others about her at her birthday that I never heard and I even heard her talking and about a story. It actually made me tear up because I didn't get to hear or experience all those because the travel of Canadian soil and Caribbean is not very close, you know? When it comes now to my parents, definitely hard work and doing things fully to the fullest potential possible or don't bother to do it at all is what I would say has made up some of who I am. It doesn't matter what it is, always give your best. I would even go beyond to say that I also learn from my family on my dad's like my aunts, uncles and cousins because I would see them all the time as well for gatherings at my grandparents, which is now only my grandmas. I learn a lot from all my family members, they always try to encourage different things, learn new things about what's going on with you and make sure everything is okay. Ah, Yes.. that is also another thing that is a big part of my family is communication and knowing what goes on. And I am not going to lie, it has it's pros and cons at times. However, it also makes us close in the sense of knowing what is going on with each other, but I will say as getting older everyone goes there ways and things. The parents keep the most contact and the cousins I would say just go with the flow really at this point, because everyone is on different paths and such but we keep in touch here and there. As for instant me, I recently started getting close to people in my family, because I never really shared anything not only with my family but with anyone. It's good to have people to go to and talk about things, help out or just to hang out around and being in there surrounds. I like that I got the family oriented instilled within me also, because there is a lot of people who don't and not really sure about certain things. However, even though I grow up around that there are times in my life also that I didn't want to be apart of that aspect because a number of inner self reasons. As you get older, learn new things, learn new things about yourself, what you like or don't like, can handle and can't handle.. you realize a number of different things. You take what you want to become apart of you and what you don't. Life is a big jigsaw puzzle and their are always pieces to stick together to work in or figure out etc. My grandma on my moms side is Caribbean and my dad's grandparents / now grandma is German+Norwegian and I believe also in those cultures family is a big thing instilled within along with working hard as well. 

I hope that told you a bit .. if you have any questions or anything leave them below or send me an email! 

Have a Happy Tuesday! :) 

Signed, Joe

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