Friday, August 23, 2013

life is all about moments of impact

Hey Daisy Blossom's!

It's Friday and time to write whatever this little heart desires for today's journal Friday! First to start off this post, the jam I was listening to while writing this is summertime sadness by Lana Del Rey. It is sad in the sense that everything is pretty much over, done and becoming a new chapter. A new beginning, like a new season and the fall gets the lucky chance to start off the new adventure, experiences and everything else that is going to come about to happen. It is going to end with the spring, the essence of new life, fresh beginnings which will be of summertime break all the way up until August. I will get four glorious months to spend as much and TONS of time with the amazing people that I wouldn't have the opportunity to see for the next couple of months. Yes, I get some days off but very few when you're in the big leagues of things. These very last couple of days left that I have [exactly a week] will be the defining moments. Those moments will make the hugest impact for sure! It's going to be mind-blowing insane. It will come with a ton of new adjustments, which I am not totally sure of right at this moment. In the grand scheme of things in the beginning it sounds amazing and all these ideas come into your head, but when it comes to the actually time.. it's a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts. "If your dreams don't scare you they're not big enough" correct?! However, at the moment lately everyone asks how I am and to be honest I am really more anxious wanting the first day to get here while at the same time to be gone. Yet, I say that however the thought of taking it all in really matters also. This is only going to happen once and most likely something I will remember for the longest of times or maybe I won't really remember to look that far back.. who knows?! Life likes to give you experiences when you least expect them to come into your life. I am unsure of the whole picture as to the move to the first day of orientation. Past those and go into the school work I think I will be fine, more than fine. I will be great, because great things are possible if you want them to happen. I think the thing that makes me the most nervous is not having the known, the familiarity, a safe haven in the sense of just calling up my friends to hangout whenever and talk upon hours. I know that aspect isn't only affecting just myself. I know the feeling along with the thought is mutual and spring will be here in no time again. The safe haven that I have known for twenty-five years is now drastically changing. I know a lot people are happy for me, knowing everything is going to go good and work out. I myself am not so sure at all what to expect to be honest; I think about the homesickness. I am guilty of it throughout different occasions in my life. I hope I can push through it or maybe I am psyching myself out and everything will flow fine. I know so far God has allowed amazing opportunities to come into my life. And I am sure he will continue to provide a great magnificent guidance on this journey and I know there is a guardian surrounding me. I am very definite and sure it is the pure love my grandpa. I know everything will work out plus go well because with God he will make anything possible. e'll love unconditionally and he will always be there no matter what. I am just hoping I survive the first couple days so far but even more so the month. If I make it to thanksgiving I know I can pass through the rest until Christmas break. I know anything is possible. I know this ... God knows what you're capable of. God can see the seeds of great he's placed in you. 

Happy Friday!
Happy Weekend!

Signed, Joe

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