Monday, August 19, 2013

stuff animals, cool clothes, a too cute of a blanket for a sweet little boy

Hey Monday! & Hey Daisy Blossom's!

For today's post I wanted to share two items I purchased off of etsy as part of a gift for a dear friend! Oh and this is probably an unusually post in the sense that I have no kids of my own at all. However, I love kids and they make me happy! What makes me even more happy is getting to shop for kids, like my nieces or cousins along with friends. I just enjoy it and spoiling them tons! The point to this is one of my close friends is pregnant and having a baby boy!! [My dream.. if you don't know that already!] Oh and it's my dream because in my family there is all girls but also because I've always wanted to have an older brother when I was little. Plus, I want to be the one to change that in the near future when my time comes! Ha! [My mom.. no keep it all girls, no I want to be the one to mix it up in here! Haha!!] Besides the point.. I am just so excited for her!! Since I am going to be away when the little one arrives I made my gift to her early! 

The blanket I bought from b_savy crochet which I found out about from CaraLoren and started following her on instagram where she posted some different blanket designs and I had to get one! I got the heart one and I got it custom to the colors I wanted but also to be striped, because I thought it would look so cool! If you wanted to get a blanket, check her out and her other blanket designs because they're totally awesome patterns for your little ones to rock!

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The cool diaper bag I got custom designed with the fabric I wanted, which there is a million ones to choose from, here. The theme I went with was raccoon's, because I just loved them this summer from the stuff animals at the summer rides where there is games and such. The exact one I wanted my friend had gone back with her adorable momma and won one. So it worked out perfect I chose the raccoon theme! The bag is from the etsy shop Brownie Gifts. It was quick how fast she made it and arrived to me. I was very pleased with it overall that I would order another one for a future someone in my life that happens to be pregnant! I had found this randomly searching etsy because I wanted to give my friend a cool bag that was different and unique! This one wasn't recommended or seen on another bloggers page. 

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As for the rest of the things in the bag I put in there for her was a bunch of clothes which came from Oshkosh Carter and some pacifiers since there is a strap inside the bag to hang it on. The teddy bear is from Oshkosh Carter, the Kola bear that rattles is from Gymboree.

I gave her the gift Saturday and she was shocked! She was like holy smokes there is so much stuff in here! And the best thing happened once I was at home later she asked me to be the godmother for her baby.. awe!! I am now godmother to 3, being my two nieces and now my friends little soon to be coming one. So sweet!! It's amazing because she could have pick anybody and it was me. I am very grateful along with blessed! God just has so many blessing beyond what I could imagine in my wildest dreams. I am truly grateful with all my heart. 

And yeah I think that is it. If there is anything else you would like to know leave a comment or shoot me an email! 

Have a happy monday
& hope you find something lovely!  

Signed, Joe


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